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March 10, 2016

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“A veritable treasure trove of intimate snapshots from her time with the titans of the 1960s New York art scene.” British Journal of Photography

The ultimate insider’s portrait of Andy Warhol’s Factory and New York’s art and underground scene.

Brigid Berlin was Andy Warhol’s best friend and one of the most prominent and colourful members of his Factory in the 1960s and 1970s. Her legendary personal collection of Polaroids are collected here for the first time and are an intimate, beautiful, artistic, outrageous insight into this iconic period.

This wild photographic odyssey features a foreword by cult filmmaker John Waters. He writes, “Brigid was always my favorite underground movie star; big, often naked, and ornery as hell. … The Polaroids here show just how wide Brigid’s world was; her access was amazing. She was never a groupie, always an insider.” Brigid knew everyone and her lens captured them all: celebrities, Superstars, artists, herself, and, of course, Warhol. As Waters observes, through her snaps, “Andy was uncovered and revealed like never before.”

The book also features an introduction by Bob Colacello, editor of Warhol’s Interview magazine, and features writer for Vanity Fair: “In recording life, she captured our times. By myopically depicting her own transgressions and self- indulgences, she has prophetically reflected the narcissism and exhibitionism, the craving for fame and confusing of fame and infamy that have become the staples of American popular culture.” In discussing her style, he reflects, “This is the opposite of fashion photography or studio portraiture. Brigid was a realist. What she saw is what you got.”

ISBN: 978-1-909526-24-2;
208pp; Hardback; 250 colour photographs
280 x 235 mm / 11 x 9 in.


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